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Myndir frá Læraradegnum


Her eru myndir frá Læraradegnum, sum var hildin í Norðurlandahúsinum 8.-, 9. og 10. novembur 2022. Birgir Kruse hevur tikið myndirnar.


Anxiety disorders are like other forms of mental illness. They don’t come from personal weakness, character flaws or problems with upbringing. But researchers don’t know exactly what causes anxiety disorders. They suspect a combination of factors plays a role: Chemical imbalance: Severe or long-lasting stress can change the chemical balance that controls your mood. Experiencing a lot of stress over a long period can lead to an anxiety disorder. Environmental factors: Experiencing a trauma might trigger an anxiety disorder, especially in someone who has inherited a higher risk to start. Heredity: Anxiety disorders tend to run in families. You may inherit them from one or both parents, like eye color.